VINA Society - Bloggers, Photographers, and Ambassadors!

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VINA Society - Bloggers, Photographers, and Ambassadors!

Job description

We are officially accepting submissions to join our VINA Society - our volunteer sisterhood of vinas who work with our team to publish unique content and promote the Hey! VINA app in their area. 


For content creators: If you are a writer, photographer, or illustrator who aligns with the VINA brand, you can submit your work to be published on the VINA blog, or work with our editorial team to publish content! This is a great portfolio building opportunity to work with an editorial team and expand your professional network.


For community builders: If you are passionate about the VINA brand and the Hey! VINA app and want to help spread the word, we'd love to have you as a VINA Ambassador! Whether you're a passionate organizer, or studying public relations, event planning, communications or related fields, becoming a VINA Ambassador is a great way to build your network, personal brand, and community relationships.


These are unpaid volunteer opportunities. Though, if you really blow us away, they could lead to an internship or paid position!


VINA Society members are creative, connected, confident, and passionate about women's empowerment. We're excited to promote and celebrate your unique style and voice!